This page provides hardware information of the ClickSmart Plate



The ClickSmart Plate is the cornerstone of the ClickSmart family – its quick release mechanism lets you swap end-effectors in seconds, without using any tools. Embedded memory stores the configuration of the connected end-effector when the ClickSmart Plate is attached to a Sawyer collaborative robot. It immediately recognizes the type of end-effector and knows how to control it.

Third party or custom end-effectors can be used with the ClickSmart Plate to leverage its quick release mechanism, I/O control capability, and gripper configuration memory. When building custom end of arm tooling with the ClickSmart Plate, the Universal Adapter Plate will be the main mechanical interface. The M12 connectors are the electrical interface between the ClickSmart Plate and a third-party end-effector. A generic cable is included in the ClickSmart Plate kit. The corresponding pinouts are specified in the section below.

Technical Specifications


ClickSmart Plate Components


  1. ClickSmart Plate - Tool Side
  2. Universal Adapter Plate
  3. Locking Ring
  4. M3 X 12 mm Flat Socket Cap Screws (Qty. 4)
  5. ClickSmart Plate - Robot Side
  6. M6 X 10 mm Flat Socket Cap Screws (Qty. 4)


  • 1 – 4 are included in all ClickSmart Gripper Kits
  • 2 and 3 are attached to each other by a tether to offer convenience and prevent loss
  • 5 and 6 are NOT included in the ClickSmart Gripper Kits and available for order separately. Robots shipped after late June 2017 will have these parts in the Sawyer robot accessories kit.
  • The ClickSmart Plate has two M12 connectors. Each M12 connector has 8 pins: 2 digital outputs (24 VDC @ 1 A max), 2 digital inputs (0 - 24 VDC), 1 analog input and 3 Ground pins.



Universal Adapter Plate Bolt Pattern Drawing


ClickSmart Plate – Tool Side


ClickSmart Plate – Robot Side


Signal Cable Reference Drawing and Pinout

For each M12 connector on the ClickSmart Plate, there are:

  • 2 digital outputs (24 VDC @ 1 A max *) - Pins 1 and 2
  • 2 digital inputs (0 - 24 VDC, Min Input Resistance: 2K Ω) - Pins 6 and 7
  • 1 analog input (0 - 24 VDC, Min Input Resistance: 10K Ω) - Pin 4
  • Ground - Pins 3, 5 and 8 (same)

Each ClickSmart Plate can supply up to 2 A of current simultaneously.

The Clicksmart Plate has TVS diodes on the digital outputs for surge protection.

 Pinout Table: