This page describes how to connect Sawyer to Intera Studio.


How to connect Sawyer to Intera Studio

  • Download Google Chrome web browser.
  • Plug one end of a straight-through CAT5 or CAT6 networking cable into either the RJ-45 port located on the inside or outside of Sawyer's controller.

  • Plug the other end of the cable into your computer.
  • Press the Rethink Button on one of Sawyer´s Navigators to display the Head Screen Menu.

  • Using the Navigator Scroll Knob, select the Info menu option, followed by About. Note Sawyer's IP address in the About pane.

  • Turn off your computer's Wifi.
  • Open Google Chrome (do not use Internet Explorer) and enter Sawyer's IP address in the Browser address window, followed by colon (:), followed by the port number: 3000 and press the Enter key.

  • Intera Studio appears in a split screen view with the Behavior Editor on the left and the 3-D View on the right.

  • To connect to the robot, click on the robot icon Studio request access icon.jpg on the bottom left of the Studio screen, then go to Sawyer and click Grant on the Robot Display Screen on Sawyer.

  • Sawyer is now connected to Intera Studio and ready to start a new Task.


Troubleshooting connection to Intera Studio

Initial Checks

If your computer is not connecting to Intera Studio, check that:

  • A straight-through cable, not a crossover cable, is used.
  • You are using the Chrome browser, not Internet Explorer.
  • Clear the History in Chrome, close the browser and try again.


Manual IP Address on Computer

If connection problems persist after checking the above items, try manually setting the IP address of the laptop.

  • Go to "Settings" and open "Network & Internet"

  • Open the "Open Network and Sharing Center" in Windows

Note: Be sure your WiFi is turned off.

  • From the Network and Sharing Center window, choose "Ethernet".

  • From the "Ethernet" window, click the "Properties" button.

  • From the "Networking" tab, double click "Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)"

  • Choose "Use the following IP address" radial button, and manually change the IP addresses to the following:
    • IP address: For the 1st 3 blocks, replicate the IP address from the robot. For the 4th block, choose a random number different from the robot in the range 2 through 254.
    • Subnet mask: For the 1st 3 blocks, type in 255. Leave the last block 0.
    • Default Gateway: Leave blank or for the 1st 3 blocks, replicate the IP address from the robot. For the 4th block, type "1"

  • Manual IP address has been implemented. Try to connect with Intera Studio as described above.