This page describes the newly added Move Head Node.


Node Description

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Move Head Node

The Move Head Node is used to control the head joint movement during the task. This node is different from all other nodes, because it keeps controlling the head movement after the execution has been completed, according to its “lock to”.

Node Type

Primitive - Cannot have children.

Node Editor

Movehead step 2.jpg Movehead step 1.jpg


  • TEST (only after pose is set)

Update the head pose to the current pose of the head joint.

  • ID

Not editable

  • name

Auto generated and user editable

  • head pose

Dropdown menu - choose an head pose used by a different node. If you update the head pose from the referenced node, it will automatically update.

  • lock to

User should define what should be the head pose reference. Head will maintain the chosen lock until a different lock executed in the task

(Please note: when switching to a new reference head pose should be updated)

Base: The head pose reference will be the base, which means the head will maintain its objective position in the space. Whenever J0 will move, head joint will move to the opposite direction to keep turning toward the same place.

Arm - J0: The head pose reference will be J0, which means the head will rotate along with J0 and will keep the same difference from J0 angle.

Active Endpoint: The head will turn to the active endpoint regardless of its saved pose.

  • Used by

Lists other nodes where this head pose is used.

  • Comments

User editable - add comments about this node. 


You can follow these steps to use all different option of the head lock to:

  1. Create a new task.
  2. Add Move Head node.
  3. Add to this node head pose by clicking “+HEAD POSE”
  4. Add Move To node
  5. Add to this node arm pose by clicking “+ARM POSE”
  6. Add another Move To node.
  7. Move joint 0 to a different position using JOINTS panel.
  8. Move joint 3 to a different position using JOINTS panel.
  9. Add to the second Move To node arm pose by clicking “+ARM POSE”
  10. Select all nodes in the task by holding CTRL.
  11. Copy the nodes (CTRL+C)
  12. Paste them twice (CTRL+V, CTRL+V)
  13. Change the second Move Head node “lock to” to “Arm - J0”
  14. Change the third Move Head node “lock to” to “Active Endpoint”
  15. Before running the task you may want to slow down the task by changing “task playback rate” in the start node to 0.5.
  16. Run the task. Watch the different behavior of the head during the task.

Movehead step 3.jpg