This page provides a detailed overview about Joints.



The Joints Panel shows the extent of rotation and the current rotational position of each of Sawyer's joints. Sawyer's joints are numbered J0 at the base, through J6 as the final cuff joint.

Full screen point joints.png


Inside Panel

Joints Blank.PNG




When the slider is near either end, that indicates the Robot is at a joint limit of that joint.


How to Use:

When the Robot is not running a Task a user can use the Joints Panel to adjust joint angle rotation. This can be done by moving the slider left or right or by editing the angle value. 

Best Practice

Use the Joints Panel throughout the creation of a task to monitor Joint locations. Upon completion of a Task monitor the Joints for a full cycle to be aware of any instances of Joints near a limit. If a certain pose, or movement, is near a joint limit there may be a risk of a Joint limit Error occurring if the environment changes, eg Landmark movement.

Joint positions can easily be referenced on the Robot Display Screen.