This page provides a detailed overview about the Fieldbus Devices.


General Information

The Industrial Fieldbus Protocols available on the Sawyer robot include:



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Setup Notes

  • Depending on which Fieldbus protocol is used, additional files for the master device may be required. Please review the following:
  • The Fieldbus protocol should be enabled on the controller, which can be properly configured from the Field-Service-Menu (FSM) on the robot.
  • The Fieldbus network cable must be connected to the inside port of the Controller, identified by the number 2 in the diagram.
    • The Inside Port (2) may be used for Fieldbus Protocols, TCP/IP, Modbus, and Studio Access.
    • The Outside Port (1) does not allow access to Industrial Fieldbus Networks but can be used for all other purposes.


Sawyer Controller Ethernet Ports v5.3.png

Note: Both ports cannot be connected to the same network at the same time.

Enabling the Fieldbus Protocol

Note: A wired USB keyboard is required for this step. 

 1. With the robot powered off, attach a wired USB keyboard to a USB port located inside or outside the controller and power on the robot.

2. When Sawyer’s eyes first appear, continually press and release “F” on the keyboard until the FSM appears (this process may take up to 4 minutes). The robot's GUI has started when Sawyer's eyes appear on the screen.


 3. Using a keyboard, navigate to CONFIGURATION and press ENTER.


 4. In the CONFIGURATION menu, enable the inside port and select which industrial Fieldbus protocol to use.

Configuration Page v5 3.png

Protocol Selection.png


5. then press the “config” button for the Inside Port to configure the network parameters

  • Scroll to IP Address and enter the desired IP address/CIDR Suffix.
  • IP Gateway: The IP address of the network device that connects different networks. The address must also align with the robot's IP address and the CIDR Suffix. If the robot is on an isolated local network, this is not relevant, but is still required.

Example: If the IP address is, then the IP Gateway must be 10.10.10.x.

IP Address Configuration v5 3.png

6. Save the settings and reboot into Intera

7. In the Task Bar in Intera Studio, the Industrial Network Device is in the Device Editor panel.

Fieldbus Device Gallery v5 3.png

 8. Configure the Master Device (e.g. PLC) to look for the Sawyer Device

 9. Install the relevant files (EDS/GSDML) on the Master Device

Note: These files can be directly downloaded from Intera.

Fieldbus Device Editor1 v5 3.png

 10. Verify Sawyer is visible from the Industrial Device Master

11. In Intera, configure signals by selecting the appropriate Modules/Assemblies on the Device Editor

Fieldbus Device Editor2 v5 3.png

 12. The Fieldbus is set up and the device configuration is complete. The robot should be able to communicate with the devices.