This page provides a detailed overview about the Intera Insights.



Intera Insights turns the Sawyer robot screen into a customizable display of data, graphs, key performance indicators (KPIs), images, gifs and videos. It gives operators and production managers the ability to view valuable Sawyer production metrics in real-time right on the factory floor. The values and charts are created and can also be monitored in Intera Studio.

Any value, variable, or signal (except strings) in the robot’s Shared Data panel may be displayed, examples include:

  • Part count and cycle time(s) statistics
  • Measured tool forces (Fx, Fy, Fz, Rx, Ry, Rz)
  • Translation and rotational speed
  • Position (x, y, z)
  • Signals and I/O
  • Custom user variables
  • Custom Images, Gifs and Videos

Note: Discrete pieces of data (values) can be transmitted via TCP/IP.

Robot Runtime Visuals

There are Six Robot Runtime Visual options to select for the robot display screen while Sawyer runs a task. You can change the predefined runtime visual on Intera Studio at anytime while the robot is running.

  • Eyes: Intera will display Sawyer’s eyes
  • Logo: Rethink Robotics logo will be displayed on the screen during the task
  • Data: Display up to three (3) charts, a display variable, and a stats variable corresponding to the data set in Runtime Data
  • Images (SET): Intera will display an image or an animated gif files preloaded in the task.
  • URL: Intera will display an image, animated gif or a video file from a URL.
  • Signal Name: Intera will display an image, animated gif or a video file from a URL received from a TCP/IP connection’s signal.

For setup instructions for the Image set, URL and Signal Name options, check out the setting up custom media display tutorial.

Insights Panel 1a.png

Runtime Data

The Runtime Data section of the Intera Insights panel is used to configure which variables and charts are monitored on the robot display screen during runtime.

Insights Runtime Data.png


Runtime Data Display on the Robot Screen Overview

Insights Display Overview.png


Any variable in the robots Shared Data can be monitored on the Insights robot display screen. There are two display types: display variable and stats variable.

  • A display variable will print the current value to the head screen, typically used for an incremental value, like a part count.
  • A stats variable will print the current value to the head screen, along with the minimum, maximum, and average values of the variable.



  • Display up to three (3) charts.
  • The data will be plotted on a graph versus the robot runtime. The current value, minimum value, maximum value, and average value are displayed.
  • The charts must be created in the Charts List before they can be displayed.

Charts List

Adding a Chart

To create a new chart, press the + Chart Item button.

Insights Panel New Item Add Chart.png

  • item to watch: select a specific variable from the drop-down menu to add to the chart. This can include any variable in the Shared Data panel.
  • chart name: the chart name will default to the same as the name of the variable: otherwise; the user can create a custom name or rename it any valid string.
  • watch mode: selects whether the variable will be added as a chart or as a value. To add a chart, leave this as chart.
  • Select Add. A chart will be created and added to the Charts List. Data will begin plotting the variable versus the task run time, as well as the minimum, maximum, average (mean), and current values. Move the mouse cursor over the value to see a time stamp of when the value occurred.
  • Press the pop-out button Insights pop out.png to expand the chart out to a larger panel within Studio.
  • To delete the chart from the Charts List, select the trash can button Insights-trash can.png.

Insights Charts.png

Values List

The Values List is helpful to watch only the variables in the task that you are interested in (as opposed to opening and scrolling through the Shared Data panel). Up to nine (9) variables can be added to the list.

Adding a Value

To add a new value to the list, press the + Value button.

Insights Panel New Item Add variable.png

  • item to watch: select a specific variable from the drop-down menu to add to the list. This can include any variable in the Shared Data panel.
  • watch mode: This selects whether the variable will be added as a value or a chart. To add a value, leave this is value.
  • Select Add.
  • Set the value of a variable directly in the Values List. Click on the space below the current value and enter the new value. This is helpful for troubleshooting and testing variables.
  • Press the ‘pop-out’ button Insights pop out.png to enter a larger view of the Values List.
  • To delete a value from the list, move the cursor over the value and click on the trash can button Insights-trash can.png.

Note: Values cannot be given custom names. To rename a variable, edit it in the Signals panel or the User Variables.

Insights Values List.png

Add Item

+ Item at the top of the Insights Panel is a quick, generic way to create either a new chart or a new value to watch. Select the type of watch mode and than select the variable.

Insights Panel New Item.png

Tracking Cycle Time

The cycle time of any given task can be monitored using the Intera Insights. The cycle time of any Loop, Sequence, Priority, Parallel, Do If, Loop If, Vision Inspector, Vision Locator, Contact Mode, or Pattern node can be tracked. To enable cycle time tracking on any of these nodes, enable the track cycle time in the node editor. This will create a variable that can be found in the current task’s shared data displayed as the node's name "cycleTime".

Insights Seq Track Cycle Time.png

Insights Seq Track Cycle Time List.png

Viewing Stats on the Robot Display


On the Robot Display Menu, the Info section also contains access to the Stats that are enabled through Intera Insights.

Selecting Stats will display the last known data displayed on the head before the task stopped running. The stats will remain in the memory until the task is reset.