This page provides a detailed overview about the Studio Menu´s reference New.



New (Alt+N) creates a new task on the robot. There are three options to select:

  • Basic Task- A basic task includes common nodes to start a task with an initialization sequence and an infinite task loop. This is generally what all tasks need to get started.
  • RPS Task- A basic task that also includes an initialization sequence with landmarks for re-registering to the workspace plus an infinite task loop.
  • Blank Task- A blank task that includes only a Parallel node to start a task

 There is also an option to start the task with all devices and tools stored on the robot on or off.

  • Toggle On- Every device that has been used on the robot will appear within the new task
  • Toggle Off- No devices or tools will be included in the new task. Only devices and tools that the user connects and configures will be in the specific task.


New Task.png