This page provides a tutorial about how to use the constrained Zero-G mode.



This tutorial shows how to manipulate Sawyer in Zero-G mode with the arm motion constrained to a plane, translational axis, rotational axis, or the nullspace.


Moving the Robot in Constrained Zero-G Mode

  • To enter Constrained Zero-G mode press the “X” button.

Constrained Zero G.png

  • Select the reference frame to jog around using the navigator button. Scroll to “FRAME” and press the navigator button to enter the frame list. Scroll and press the frame you want to use for this jog.

Constrained Zero G Frame.png

  • Use the navigator button to scroll to the selected constrained mode (Z AXIS, XY PLANE, Z ROTATION, XYZ ROTATION or ELBOW), and then press it. The selected constrained mode will change to orange and the lock will change to unlock symbol to let you know that the motion is available. Now you can move the arm only in the selected constrained mode.

Constrained Zero G Lock.png

  • Entering Zero-G mode while using Constrained Zero-G mode will cancel any constraint.