This tutorial demonstrates how to create a pick and place task using the robot´s train by demonstration capabilities and patterns. As with the previous simple pick and place tutorial, this task can be created entirely on the Sawyer´s head screen. 



  • Train by Demonstration
  • Pattern - In Intera, a pattern is a template of discernible regularity. As such, the elements of a pattern repeat in a predictable manner.
  • Zero-G


Training Pick and Place Patterns

The following 2x3 grid pattern will be used to represent the pick locations and boundaries:


  • Start a new task.
  • Move the robot arm in zero-G mode to the first point in the picking location, in this example, #1. This will be the outside boundary for this corner of the pattern.
  • Press the Grasp button. The Head Screen displays the Insert Pick menu.


  • Scroll to Pattern and press the Grasp button to select it. The left side of the Head Screen now displays the steps you need to perform to create a pattern.


Defining the Type of Pattern

  • Press the OK button on the Navigator. That will display the type of pattern options: line, grid, and box.


  • Select the Grid option, as shown.


Defining Pattern Corners

  • Since you chose to create a grid, the next step is to define its corners. Press OK to start defining corners.


  • You will now set the outside corner -- the outer pick location of the first part -- for the first corner in the grid.
  • If the robot arm is not already there, move it in zero-G to the first corner, which would be #1 in our 2x3 grid example.


  • Press the OK button on the Navigator. (The Grasp button or the round Action button on the cuff will also work).
  • Repeat these steps for corners 2, 3, and 4. Make sure to define the corners in the order shown.
  • When you have defined all the corners, you will see the following display:


  • Press OK to go to the next step.


Defining Numbers of Actions

  • Remember that, in our example, there are 2 rows across the top of the grid, from corner #1 to corner #2, and 3 rows down, from corner #2 to corner #3.


  • Scroll to display 2 in the box on top of the screen and select it with the OK button.


  • There are three rows from corner #2 to corner #3, so scroll to the small box on the right side of the screen and change the number to 3 and press OK, as show below.


  • Scroll to the 5x5x1 checkbox and press OK. The setup of rows will look like this:



Defining the Direction

  • Press OK to allow modifications to the direction,


  • Scroll to choose the direction of the arm movement, that is, in which direction the first two picks are going to be. This example shows the arm will move from 1 to 2.


Defining Movement

  • Select the type of arm movement desired for the picks, either Snake or Zigzag.


  • Move the robot arm in zero-G to the first pick location and place the gripper in a position so that it can grab the part.
  • Press OK to close the gripper and build the pick branch.



Train the Place Pattern

  • Now, to create the corresponding place pattern for this task, press the Grasp button.

The following Insert Place menu screen will display:


  • Select Pattern.

The steps for creating a place pattern are virtually the same as creating the pick pattern. When you have completed those steps, your Head Screen should look much like this one:


  • You may now run the task.

Notice how the parent node for the pick is a pattern node.