This page demonstrates an application regarding pick and place via location and provides detailed insights of the task development.


Application - Video


  1. The Pick is a fixed location from a conveyor with a stop gate
  2. The Place is 4 fixed locations within a box
  3. A Rethink Robotics Vacuum Gripper is used
  4. The robot will pick 3 bottles at a time

Task Bar Configurations

Gripper Information

  1. 3 Vacuum cups used (1 for each bottle)
  2. A custom frame was built to hold each vacuum cups in place (Standard vacuum array bracket can be used0
  3. All was mounted on to a standard Rethink Vacuum Gripper
  4. Gripper Weight: 540g
  5. Gripper Length: 170mm



Note: This task was created using Intera 5.0. Some differences may be seen if you are using newer versions of Intera.


  • Create a re-registration of landmarks in the initialize node if needed



The Pick

  1. Create a standard Pick
  2. Move the Pick Signal Node before the Pick so the air turns on prior to picking


The Place

  1. Create a Pattern node as a sibling of the sequence node used for the Pick
  2. Create a standard Pick as a child of the pattern node



Pattern Node

  1. Define the pattern by entering the dimensions
    • Dimensions Used: 4x1x1
  2. Click set in work space and update the location for the first and last positions of the place



Completed Task - Video