This page provides an overview of how to use the Pause signal of the Banner Safety Controller.


Pause Signal

Using the Banner Safety Controller it is possible to enable a Pause signal from outside inputs. This action will function identically to a user hitting the selector knob during a task, which will stop the robot, then toggling run continue.


Banner Retrofit Kit and the new Banner configuration must be installed to use this functionality.

For more information on the Banner Retrofit Kit, click here.


To accomplish this follow the steps outlined:

1. Using the Figure below wire a signal to the Banner on the Re-enable Robot Port and the Continue Task Port.

2. To Pause a task set the Re-Enable Robot Signal to high. Once it is set high, it can then be set low.

3. To continue the task, set the Continue Task signal high. Once it is set high, it can then be set low

Banner Wiring Picture NonSafety.PNG

This Figure is shown in Appendix F of the Intera 5.1 User Guide, in the 'Sawyer Safety Overview' PDF included in the 5.1 download