The procedure below describes how to perform a factory reset. If Intera will not boot up properly, a factory reset may be used to reset the robot´s operating system.

Note: All tasks will be deleted. A backup may be recommended. Please refer to Export Task. 


  • USB Keyboard
  • Intera 5.1 or newer


  1. Power down the robot
  2. Plug in a USB keyboard. On Sawyer the USB ports are located in the front panel of the controller box
  3. While the robot is booting up, press Shift + R on the keyboard. If there is extra text after the colon, press the backspace key to remove it
  4. Press the Tab or Arrow key and navigate to Factory Reset
  5. Press Enter. The Robot will start the recovery process
  6. Once the recovery process is completed, the robot will reboot on its own
  7. Unplug the USB keyboard from the robot 
  8. Once the robot is rebooted, navigate through the software menus and verify whether the robot is working properly and as expected