This page provides an overview about the built-in functions in Intera 5.x.


Node Palette




  • Sequence 5 1.png Sequence: Do one at a time, in order.
  • Priority 5 1.png Priority: Do one at a time, in order. Return after any one succeeds or all fail.
  • Parallel 5 1.png Parallel: Do all at the same time. Choose what success and failure mean.
  • DoIf 5 1.png Do If: Do once if condition is true. Return as failure if false.
  • LoopIf 5 1.png Loop If: Do and repeat as long as condition is true.
  • Loop 5 1.png Loop: Repeat for a set number of times, or indefinitely.






Extensions (new section in Intera 5.5)



  • Template Icon.png Templates: View all and choose Rethink Robotics or Custom templates. 

Task Bar


  • Node Inspector TB.png Node Editor - Display and edit node settings
  • Joints TB.png Joints - Indicates position of each joint
  • Frames TB.png Frames - View all frame relationships and create custom frames
  • Vision TB.png Vision - Create Locate, Inspect, and Landmark snapshots
  • Tools TB.png Tools - Configure end of arm tooling
  • Signals TB.png Signals - Configure all external device signals
  • Device Editor TB.png Device Editor - Configure external devices for supported communications protocols
  • User Variables TB.png User Variables - Create and set custom user variables
  • Shared Data TB.png Shared Data - Single menu view of all robot data including signals, variables, I/O, and endpoints
  • Log TB.png Log - View robot log status
  • Insights.png Intera Insights - Configure task key performance indicators
  • Extension.png Extension Gallery (New in Intera 5.5) - create new subtask or snippet 

Behavior Editor


3D View



Studio Menu

Top Bar

  • Play Task.pngContinue Task - Starts the task from the beginning, or continues where the robot left off after stopping the task. Can be used in Live and Simulation modes.
  • Step Through Task.pngStep Through Task - Steps through the task one node at a time. Can be used in Live and Simulation modes.
  • Reset Task.pngRestart Task - Resets the task data and starts the robot from the beginning of the task.
  • Stop Task.pngStop Task - Stops the task from running. Stop button will appear after run is selected. Can be used in Live and Simulation modes.
  • Disables Robots Arm Motors.pngDisable Robot's Arm Motors - Stops power to the robot's arm motors. Emergency stop activated at Sawyer message will appear on Studio.
  • Reenable Robots Motors.pngRe-enable Robot's Arm Motors - Resumes power to Sawyer's arm motors. This button only appears if the motors have been disabled.
  • Run Settings.pngRun Settings - Use to adjust the run settings. Toggle the input and output signals to fire for a particular task run. Great tool for setting up and troubleshooting a task.

Run Settings Window.png


  • Live Sim Toggle.png - Toggles the mode between LIVE (on robot) and SIM (virtual simulation only runs in software when connected to the robot - robot will not move)
  • Spit View Toggle.png - Toggles the Intera Studio screen view between Behavior Editor Only, Split Screen, and 3D View Only. 

Bottom Bar


  • Cartesian Panel.pngCartesian Panel - Open the Cartesian panel.
  • General Control.pngGeneral Control - General control of the robot
  • Request Release Control.pngRequest/Release Control - Request and release control from Intera Studio to the robot.
  • All Object Toggle.pngAll Object Toggle - Show all 3D objects or for selected task only..
  • Preview Toggle.pngPreview Toggle - Toggle ghosted preview robot, which shows the robot at the selected MoveTo arm pose.