Default Robot Hostname

Each Sawyer Research Robot comes with the robot computer's hostname set to the serial number of the robot. Sawyer can be addressed out of the box using this hostname via Avahi (Link-Local) addressing.

For example, if Sawyer's serial number reads 'S/N: 011303P0017', then the hostname will be '011303P0017', and the avahi local hostname will be broadcast as '011303P0017.local'. You can then run commands such as:


$ ping 011303P0017.local


or, resolve the robot's IP address using:


$ avahi-resolve-host-name 011303P0017.local


Note: Make sure you have the avahi programs installed by running:


$ sudo apt-get install avahi-autoipd avahi-daemon avahi-utils


See the Networking page for more information about setting up your network configuration.

Changing the Hostname

The default hostname can be changed using the Field Service Menu (FSM).