This page provides an overview of how to upgrade Sawyer to Intera SDK.



If you boot Sawyer and you are in Intera Manufacturing 3.3.7, update the software by following the instructions below to update on the latest Intera software.


  • USB Keyboard
  • Intera Updater zip file containing the update .pkg and .sig files, unzipped
  • FAT 32 Formatted USB with Intera Updater .pkg and .sig saved at the Top Level
  • Sawyer Robot Running SDK 3.3.7. If you are upgrading an Intera 5.0.4 Sawyer, please follow the Software Update tutorial instead.

Installation Steps

Follow the below steps to upgrade the robot to the Intera 5.1.0.

First, verify on the About screen that Sawyer is currently running Intera 3.3.7

Note: If the robot is running Intera 3.3.6 or earlier, please contact Rethink Support. Your robot cannot be upgraded to the SDK unless it is running version 3.3.7.

  1. Please register on the Rethink Forum site and Download the latest Intera software.
  2. Follow the steps on the READ ME First document in the downloaded software folder to properly format and upload the software to your USB.
  3. On the robot, navigate to Main Screen > Settings > Advanced > Update Software.
  4. Insert the USB device that includes the software upgrade, and wait for the robot to recognize the device.
  5. Select the version of software you want to install.
  6. Select Yes Continue in the confirmation dialog. A status screen appears as the software loads.
  7. When the software finishes installing, the robot will automatically reboot into Intera 5 Manufacturing.

Switch Robot from Intera MFG to SDK Mode

  • Connect a USB keyboard into the robot controller.
  • Shut down the robot by pressing the power button on the controller. After the robot has completely powered down (fan stopped, screen back light is off), wait for 5 seconds and press the power button again to reboot the robot.
  • On the keyboard, start pressing CTRL+F continuously until the FSM menu appears on the robot screen.

Tip: Look for the screen below when rebooting. When the text Preparing to boot Intera… appears on the upper left of the screen, pressing CTRL+F' will bring you right into the FSM.




  • When successful, the Main Menu of the FSM will appear, see the screen below for reference.


  • Once in the FSM, use the arrow keys on the keyboard to select "Intera-SDK". See the image below for reference.


  • A prompt will appear asking the user to read the General Disclaimer. After reading through the disclaimer, tab to and select "Yes".


  • Move to and select "Reboot".
  • The robot will shut down and boot directly into the Intera-SDK.